Wellness is not just geared towards our physical appearance. Our number one priority should be our mental wellness and well being… the rest will just fall into place.

It’s 2021 and as I promised my followers on my social media platforms, La Mia Cucina is going to evolve around FOOD & WELLNESS and from time to time I’ll throw in some beauty and decor!!

So for those who know me, my word is something I value and take as my absolute law. So …. I shall begin with my first ever BLOG !!! Yikes ..

La Mia Cucina is now 2 1/2 years in. And as a young NAIVE entrepreneur, I had a plan, a concrete plan, and that plan (I’ll share details of that under a business blog… that’s for another day) was going quite beautifully until a GLOBAL PANDEMIC took storm of the world!!!

SURVIVAL!! SURVIVAL!!! That was my “word” for 2020 … I just needed to survive… but how ?? (That is also for another blog).

Soo Back to Wellness… I’d like to share my personal story. I guess that’s what blogs are mainly about!!

I was mentally prepared to sacrifice certain aspects of my life the first year I opened my business. I knew I had big shoes to fill and I needed to prove myself to my community. (Can I just add here how fortunate I am to live in #brantcounty. I am proud to call Brantford my HOME).

The second year (2020) , it started just as I had hoped, the seeds I had been planting and nourishing for the past year were starting to sprout and my future looked green. My sacrifices were paying off and I was slowly easing off on some them. Fast forward to MARCH!!!! BAAAAAAAMMMMMM it was a blink of an eye and EVERYONES world got turned upside down. PERIOD.

Little by little I was sacrificing more and more. The first year, I sacrificed, social events, I sacrificed my gym time, I sacrificed hobbies and some family time. Well, recently , not even knowingly, (because I did not PLAN to have a PANDEMIC in my year 2 in business) I’ve realized I gave up everything. I gave up precious family time, I gave up my fitness, I gave up all social events, I gave up hobbies…. I gave up on myself and I made my business my ONLY priority… unwillingly knowing , because the only word in my vocabulary was SURVIVAL.

My mental health was spiralling and my business anxiety was getting out of control. I was loosing grasp of my fitness, I was loosing confidence, was loosing precious TIME with my FAMILY. The one reason I work the way I do, the source that fuels MY fire was becoming second???? What??? Nooooo . That was NEVER part of the plan.

It’s 2021. The Pandemic is still HERE. The damage is done, the past is DONE. The family time is lost, the exhausting work days are over, the stress, the sleeplessness, the weight gain, the hopelessness , the anxiety for the future. Most of those things are all done . The consequences are here. I can either choose to make them worse or choose to fix the root of the problem. I knew that my mental well being was slipping. I knew I needed to make changes, but I had to learn how. The Pandemic has taught me soo much (that’s also for another blog) , it closed soo much – literally – but it also opened my eyes to what’s truly important.

So my advice, for whatever it’s worth to you. Do some SOUL searching. If you’ve hit rock bottom like I have. Take a moment, STOP.

For me that was a week off after Xmas . I wasn’t able to leave my bed for 3 days. SOUL search. Write down what’s important to you. Hobbies, job, personal goals …. SOUL search … after all what is there to do… it’s not like we have anywhere to go… whether you’re poor or wealthy… there’s no where to go… think about that … wether you’re poor or wealthy… we are ALL still in this TOGETHER. COVID isn’t going anywhere. In fact, its worse now than EVER with the possibility of becoming even worse if we don’t get a handle on it… I can’t even rationalize that. Can you ? And we are fools to believe it’s going anywhere anytime soon. It will get better, but it’s not going anywhere. So work on your mental well-being, start making a plan geared towards betterment, remembering to take one day at a time. Tomorrow is never promised . That’s been my major lesson from 2020… tomorrow is never promised.

I now have new GOALS, goals that serve me, my family and my business… and directly in that order. I’m the glue that binds my family and my business, if I fall apart, I would fail the two most important things in my life. So everyday I make the choice to not fail myself, I choose to love myself just as much as I love my family, my friends, my business.

It’s January 18th 2021 and thus far, choosing on working on my mental wellness has been the best business plan I’ve ever made.

Yours in health


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